Mission Statement and Messages from Kathi Bailey

mission statement
The mission of the Town of Yarmouth's Division of Senior Services is to foster an Age-Friendly community that enhances the quality of life for the Town's older adults (60+) and their families by providing programs and services in a supportive and accessible environment that contributes to vital aging through mental, physical, and financial wellness

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Messages from the Director of Seniors Services
Kathi Bailey, MA

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Take a Stand Against Ageism - Kate Holt / Help Age International Ageism is everywhere, yet it is the most socially normalized of any prejudice. It begins when the media portrays old people as “senile” and “doddering” on television. It occurs when the doctor applies a more “relaxed” attitude towards screening an older person for preventable illness, or uses care guidelines meant for younger people. It manifests as the policymaker who, subconsciously or actively, prioritizes against policies that would channel investments into infrastructure for aging societies. These attitudes, pervasive yet invisible, lead to the marginalization of older people within our communities and have negative impacts on their health and well-being. More concerning is that older people who internalize ageist attitudes die sooner. Research reveals that older people who have negative attitudes towards aging live 7.5 years shorter than those with positive attitudes, and have poorer recovery from disability and disease. Older people who feel they are a burden may also perceive their lives to be less valuable, putting them at risk of depression and social isolation. This year, we challenge everyone to identify and question these internalized ageist attitudes, and to understand the serious impact that these attitudes have. Here in Yarmouth we have taken this challenge through the efforts of our AgeFriendly Community Team. We have presented a Council on Aging bylaw/constitution reconstruction that includes three important strategic focuses: 1) Age-Friendly Community Framework; 2) Intergenerational Lens; 3) Ageism. We are committed to serve our citizens by working together to insure that the whole Town of Yarmouth serves our seniors through inclusion and sensitivity to the needs of all ages free of ageist thought! I hope you have a chance to attend our Model UN pilot on October 15th –where we will demonstrate a positive aging learning experience as our community infrastructure of choice in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. I’ve heard that it takes thirty leaves to nourish one apple! Sincerely, -Kathi

World Kindness Day November 13, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and Veterans Day! We sure are grateful for our resources – our land and water, our harvest and the men and women that defend and serve us in our military. We sure are thankful to be on the Elder
path to Elderhood too. Harvey W. Austin, MD, Author of Elders Rock! –“Don’t just get Older: Become an Elder” has developed Ten Tipping points to determine where we are on our Elderpath. Where are you?

Ten Tipping Points
1. A shift from Doing and Having to Being.
2. A shift from Getting to Giving.
3. A shift from Fragmentation to Integrity.
4. A shift from I to We.
5. A shift from Judgement to Compassion.
6. A shift from Self-centeredness to Other-centeredness.
7. A shift from Contracting to Expanding.
8. A shift from Debate to Inquiry.
9. A shift from Needing Acknowledgement to Giving Acknowledgement.
10.A shift from Changing to Allowing.

Enjoy your Elder journey – it is something to be admired and shared! Please look for some of John Carlson’s thought-provoking poems in this issue. His work is part of our conversation project launch. Read on to see
what we are talking about….it’s a bit more than cranberry sauce, turkey and stuffing ! Sincerely, Kathi

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