The site of a former drive-in, this property was acquired by the Town in 1985 for recreational purposes.  For many years, the former drive-in property at 669 Route 28 was the site of a proposed marina.  However, an updated financial assessment completed in 2013 indicated a marina was no longer financially viable and in April 2015 the Board of Selectmen formed the Drive-In Site Utilization Committee to investigate other opportunities for the 22-acre Town-owned property.  

This Committee worked for six months conducting outreach to business and community leaders, identifying relevant policy goals and potential uses, evaluating site constraints, and conducting a survey.  The survey showed the two highest-ranking policy goals were to energize Route 28 by creating a destination and to allow for open space and ecological restoration of the site.  The number one proposed use of the site was a walkway along the Parkers River and Boardwalk to Seagull Beach.  

The Committee ultimately recommended a phased development approach for the site with the first phase including a Riverwalk Park and Boardwalk.  The concept for the proposed project is to create a pedestrian park that could include such amenities as a kayak launch, artist/food shanties, walking trails, public restrooms, parking, and a connecting Boardwalk to Seagull Beach.  This park would energize Route 28 by making the property a focal point and destination for residents and visitors that also serves as an ecological restoration project that would restore the vegetated buffer along the Parkers River and protect valuable wetland resources.  Future phases involving the remainder of the site are yet to be determined, but could include interim uses such as concerts and festivals, or possibly future commercial development.

This website will be updated regularly to provide current information on the project.  

Please note that meeting agendas and minutes for the Drive In Site Utilization Committee are available at

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May 22, 2018 Meeting with Selectmen
 052218 Final Recommendations   
 052218 Powerpoint (.PDF format)

April 2, 2018 Meeting
  020418 Meeting Packet
  Powerpoint for Public Meeting

February 13, 2018 Meeting
  021318 Meeting Packet
  Handouts at meeting

January 24, 2018 Meeting
  012418 Meeting Packet
  Draft Meeting Schedule
  Concept provided by Tom Baron
December 7, 2017 Meeting
  120717 Meeting Packet
September 26, 2017 Meeting with Selectmen
  092017 Memo to Selectmen
  Powerpoint for Selectmen's Update

September 18, 2017 Meeting
  091817 Meeting Packet 
Public Comments received
  Drive-In Site Correspondence 050117 to 091817
August 23, 2017 Meeting
Preferred Components and Materials
  Riverwalk Concept Sketch Preferred Alternative
  Draft Boardwalk Options Revisions
  Cape Cod Commission Interim Use Report
  Rich Bilski comments via e-mail
  Powerpoint for review of options
July 31, 2017 Meeting
Survey Request
   Survey Request Spreadsheet
   Aerial from 22 Cape lsle Drive
July 10, 2017 Meeting
Preferred Riverwalk Alternative Components and Concept Sketches
    Powerpoint for review of options
    Powerpoint for review of options (PDF format)
May 30 and June 7, 2017 Public Meetings
053017 Meeting Agenda
     060717 Meeting Agenda
     053017 Riverwalk-Boardwalk Options Powerpoint
     053017 Riverwalk Park and Boardwalk Layout Options A, B, C
May 2, 2017 Meeting
050217 Meeting Packet
     050217 Riverwalk-Boardwalk Options Powerpoint
March 24, 2017 Kickoff Meeting
032417 Meeting Agenda
     032417 Powerpoint Presentation
     032417 Meeting Notes
     032417 Draft Meeting Schedule

Background Information:
    09/29/15 Drive-In Site Utilization Committee Memo to Board of Selectmen w/attachment
    09/29/15 Presentation to the Board of Selectmen    
Riverwalk Park Concept Plan
    Seagull Beach Boardwalk Rendering