Land Management


The Division maintains and patrols 2,000 acres of conservation land and over 29 miles of trails and access roads. The Division also:
  • Cuts brush and trees
  • Repairs and replaces:
    • Bridges
    • Railings
    • Fences
    • Boardwalks
  • Conducts land and forest management


Foot and bike patrols continue to be conducted in the Town’s conservation areas and trails. These patrols are used to:
  • Evaluate the trails for safety
  • Investigate illegal activities
  • Provide a presence to prevent crime

Report Safety Concerns

We encourage the public to report any safety concerns or illegal activity they may encounter in the Town's conservation areas to the Natural Resources Department by email or by calling (508) 760-4800.

Our Thanks

With the increase in public safety duties and state-mandated programs, it has become very difficult to adequately perform the required trail maintenance.

The assistance received by the Americorps-Cape Cod and the Senior Environmentcorps has been a tremendous asset to the Town of Yarmouth. Without their assistance many of our trails would need to be closed.