Water Resources Advisory Committee

The general purpose of the Water Resources Advisory Committee is to investigate ways to involve and educate the community on issues relating to water resource initiatives in Yarmouth, including water supply, surface water, groundwater, stormwater and wastewater, with the goal of protecting and restoring the Town's fresh and salt water bodies and its drinking water supplies. Specifically, the Committee is charged with:

  1. At the request of the Board of Selectmen, conduct public workshops, presentations, and other public-information sessions for residents and businesses about Yarmouth water resource initiatives, and provide the Board of Selectmen with citizen feedback.
  2. Upon receipt of financial plan(s) for water resource initiatives supported by a majority of the Board of Selectmen, will inform the public and provide the Board of Selectmen with citizen feedback.
  3. Meeting, as necessary, with any multiple member boards to effectuate its purpose.
  4. At the direction of the Board of Selectmen, focus on specific areas of implementation or other related wastewater, groundwater, surface water and drinking water matters.

Videos for all of the Water Resource Advisory Committee meetings are available on the Town of Yarmouth's YouTube channel.

Agendas for all upcoming and past Water Resource Advisory Committee meetings are available on the Town of Yarmouth's Agenda Center.

Crab Creek in Yarmouth

Crab Creek
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Wastewater Planning Documents

Committee Administration


Why Should I Have to Contribute?

WRAC Why do I have to Contribute-page-001

Economic Impact of Wastewater Infrastructure

Economic Impact of Wastewater-page-001

Why Are We Talking About Wastewater?

Why are we talking about wastewater-page-001

Yarmouth Water Resources FAQs

Yarmouth Water FAQs-page-001

APCC Report on Cape Cod Water Quality (October 2019)

State of the Cape Cod Waters

Board of Selectmen Update (9/17/19)

BoS Wastewater Update 9-17-19

Board of Selectmen Update (7/30/19)

WRAC BoS Update (7.30) - PowerPoint Presentation

Chronicle Segment on Cape Cod Water (3/27/19)


Economic Impact Study

Econ Study Cover page

DHY 8 Phase Plan Map

8 Phase Plan Map

Yarmouth Phase 1 Map

Yarmouth Phase 1 Map

RT 28 Project Status

Route 28 Highway Project Status Map 7-2018


Member Representing Term Date
Vacant Northside Area Vacant
George Perkins Parker's River Area 8/31/2020
John Deliso Lewis Bay Area 8/31/2020
Tom Durkin Conservation Commission 8/31/2019
Spyro Mistrokoskas Member-at-Large 8/31/2021
Paul O'Bryan Board of Health 8/31/2019
Tom Roche Bass River Watershed 8/31/2020
Lee Rowley Planning Board 8/31/2019
Curt Sears, Chairman Member-at-Large 8/31/2021
Charles Holway Board of Health - Alternate 8/31/2019