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Updated: July 2022

The Planning Board is excited to present the Yarmouth Vision Plan to our community, The Vision Plan was formally reviewed by the Board of Selectmen at their February 8, 2022 Meeting.  This is a culmination of sixteen months of hard work by our community to identify the things we value, the challenges we face, and our collective vision for Yarmouth’s future.  

With the help of our citizens, the Planning Board was able to create a Vision of Yarmouth as a great place to LiveWorkPlay and Learn, along with Goals that identify what we want to Preserve, Promote or Provide to reach this shared Vision.  General Goals have been developed on a number of topics including the Environment, Community Character & Design, Housing, Town Services, Age-Friendly, Climate Resiliency & Sustainability, Economy, Connectivity & Mobility, Recreation, Education & Learning, and Libraries.  

The Vision Plan provides a solid foundation for updating our Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP), which serves as our community’s long-term master plan, and will be a valuable resource to our Town Leaders when identifying future goals, initiatives and resource allocations to better serve our residents.  The voters at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting authorized $100,000 in funding to hire consultants to assist the Planning Board in the development of the LCP.  

The Board is grateful to all those who supported and participated in this important civic project. Although COVID-19 created additional challenges, the Planning Board undertook a robust community participation process including three (3) Virtual Workshops, one (1) business roundtable and an initial Visioning Survey totaling 470 responses to learn about our strengths, challenges and vision for Yarmouth; a 2nd Visioning Survey to vet the Draft Vision Statement and general Goals, which received 920 responses; and multiple public meetings to present the results and garner comments to craft this Vision Plan.

We encourage everyone to stay involved with the Visioning process and the upcoming Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP) update as public participation is crucial to making these planning projects successful.  Please feel free to send any questions about the Visioning Project or the LCP to visioning@yarmouth.ma.us 

If you are interested in background information on the visioning project to date, please take the opportunity to look at the links below which include information on the overall Visioning ProcessKick-Off MeetingWorkshop PresentationSummary of 1st Survey,  2nd Visioning Summary Memo and PowerPoint Presentationand Implementation Schedule.  We would also direct you to the Data Summary Sheets compiled on a variety of topics including Community Services, Local Economy, Housing, Community Design, Open Space, Climate Resiliency, Infrastructure and Water Resources.  These summaries provide general topic related data and notable trends; identify existing programs and projects; and outline projects and initiatives the Town is currently working on.  

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