Recreational Vehicle Enforcement


Natural Resource Officers patrol problem areas where recreational vehicle use is likely to occur and investigate complaints of illegal use and destruction of public and private property.

Irresponsible Vehicle Use

Irresponsible recreational vehicle (dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle) operators:

  • Inflict damage to sensitive wetland areas
  • Accelerate erosion of walking trails and paths
  • Can cause costly damage to private and public property

Points to Remember

  • The operation of recreational vehicles is not permitted on any town-owned land in Yarmouth.
  • The Division responds to complaints of illegal use of recreational vehicles on town land and routinely conducts patrols of these areas to deter the activity.
  • Officers may investigate illegal use of recreational vehicles on private property and provide recommendations to the property owner.
    • Someone may operate a recreational vehicle on their own property, or the property of another, with that property owner's permission provided that they meet all of the criteria set forth by the state under M.G.L. Ch. 90B.
    • This criteria includes requirements such as helmets, protective clothing, and age requirements.
  • If someone is operating a recreational vehicle on public or private land, they are required by state law to have said recreational vehicle registered with the Division of Recreational Vehicles.
  • Natural Resource Officers will check for compliance with all of these regulations upon encountering recreational vehicles.

Massachusetts Recreational Vehicle Safety Laws

Please see the Massachusetts Recreational Vehicle Safety Laws.