Yard Waste Grass/Leaves Compost Drop Off

Grass and leaves are accepted at the Disposal Area year-round; this compost material is turned to allow the organic material to break down and create compost soil.  

Vehicles with Disposal and Recycle stickers may drop off leaves and grass in the compost area without stopping at the Gate House.  Those without stickers may turn in a coupon or show a Pay as You Go receipt at the Gate House before going to the compost area.    (No commercial landscapers)

When screener equipment and staffing is available, screened material will be made available for pick up in small quantities, available while supplies last.

The compost area is accessed by driving past the Gate House, past the household garbage bins, through the gates, see map below for more detail.  

Please back up all the way to the win-row to drop off leaves and grass.  To allow for the best outcome it is important that this area remain organic, so no please no plastic bags, engine parts, tires, shovels, unwanted materials that are not going to break down rapidly should be placed in the appropriate receptacles.

Map Yarmouth Disposal