Historic Cemeteries & Burial Sites

Old Quaker Cemetery

  • Kelley Road, South Yarmouth
  • Church built in 1809
  • Gravestones all alike
  • Earliest gravestone: 1811

Indian Memorial Cemetery

  • Indian Memorial Drive, South Yarmouth
  • Some of the Indians were first buried on land owned by Robert Howes.
    • When it was proposed to use the land for salt works, it so grieved Cato, whose wife was an Indian, the bodies were disinterred and buried with others on a hillside near Long Pond. A monument marks the spot.

Gideon Gray Cemetery

  • Dinah's Pond, South Yarmouth
  • Private Cemetery
  • No road

Eldridge Smallpox Cemetery

  • North Dennis Road, Yarmouth Port
  • Isaac Matthews died of smallpox in 1796.
  • John Eldredge died of smallpox in 1797.
  • Two other graves, marked "E.T." and "S.T.", were located in 1906.

Taylor Hall Smallpox Cemetery

  • Union Street, Yarmouth Port
  • Both graves mark bodies that died from the disease

Civil War Grave

  • Union Street, Yarmouth Port
  • No visible marker on site
  • Disintegrated

Woodside Cemetery

  • Summer Street, Yarmouth Port
  • Privately run and maintained
  • Established in the 1800s
  • Most gravestones date from 1810 to 1811
  • Ph: (508) 362-3746
  • Link:www.woodsidecem.org

Beach Grove

  • Grotes Tomb, South Yarmouth
  • Burial site of two female teachers, early 1900s