Veterans Section

War Veteran Fees
War veteran residents of the Town of Yarmouth may receive one grave free of charge. Their spouses may purchase the adjoining graves at a reduced fee of $25, plus the $10 recording fee. The graves are not transferable.

The one free grave a veteran receives may also be used to bury a spouse if both are to be cremated or it may be used for one body burial and one cremation burial. No in ground plantings are allowed in the Veterans Section.

Gravestone Requirements
  • Only white, upright marble or granite veterans' headstones are allowed.
  • The spouse may have an upright marker on a two grave lot as well, however it must replicate the Veteran's stone.  The Veteran's stone which is provided in some cases free from the government, however, the installation with a foundation must be paid for.
  • On a one-grave lot, where both veteran and spouse are to be buried, only the upright stone of the veteran is allowed.
  • The spouse may have a flat marker put at the foot of the grave.

American Flag Placement

American flags will be placed on all veterans' graves from Memorial Day in May until Veterans' Day in November, after which they will be removed for the winter.