Planning Division

COVID-19 Update

With the ongoing town hall closure, the Community Development Department has revised its procedures in attempt to balance public safety with the need to provide services to the public.

  • Town staff is available by email. Kathy Williams, Town Planner, can be reached at 
  • All town meetings, hearings, and committees will be held via remote participation until further notice. Instructions on how to view/participate in meetings will be included in agenda notices. For more information, please visit: 
  • Applications can be received by email and be reviewed to the extent possible for completeness. In the event that file attachments exceed email size limitations, please utilize a file sharing feature such as DropBox or Google Drive to submit your materials electronically. 
  • Applicants will be notified electronically when applications are deemed “complete”.
  • Hard copy applications, or (required) hard copies submitted in conjunction with an application submitted by email, may be submitted by mail and will be reviewed when possible. 
  • Hard copies may also be dropped off at town hall in the designated dropbox location outside the entrance next to the side parking lot. Please be advised that hard copies will not be reviewed for three business days following drop off per order of the Board of Health. 
  • For assistance navigating the permitting process, please refer to the Yarmouth Business and Permitting Guide for guidance and town staff contact information.

As part of the Community Development Department, the Planning Division participates in community and economic development initiatives and assists commercial developers through the regulatory process.  The Planning Division supports the Planning Board in the creation and revision of land use regulations including the Zoning Bylaw, Subdivision Regulations and long range planning efforts including the Local Comprehensive Plan.  The Division also serves as staff resource to the Planning Board related to Subdivision Plans, Approval Not Required (ANR) Plans, Street Names, Scenic Roadways, and Special Permits; and to the Design Review Committee related to design of commercial developments.

Planning Board

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