Roadway Management Program (RMP)

The condition and safety of the Town’s roads and bridges is an important part of Engineering’s responsibilities.

Since 1993, the Division has maintained a road condition database, which has been and continues to be used to determine how the Town’s limited resources will be best spent to keep the road (sidewalk and parking lot) system in the best possible condition with the funds available.

We use the software and database to determine the initial list of roads to be maintained each year.

This initial list is fine tuned by the DPW Director, Assistant DPW Director, and the Town Engineer based upon local knowledge, site visits, road work prices, and abutter input.

Initially (1993) RMP funds were solely used to maintain the surface of 150 miles of Town roads. Since then, the use of the same amount of RMP funds available per year has expanded greatly to include: maintenance of 93 miles of Private roads, 57 Town parking lots, and 37 miles of sidewalks; new sidewalk construction; new drainage construction; and, new groundwater related construction.