Sunday Author Series 2017


Sunday Author Series 2017

All programs held at South Yarmouth Library, 2-4 pm

February 26

       Newton Frohlich - 1492: A Novel of Christopher                                            Columbus, the Spanish Inquisition & a World at the Turning Point

April 23

       Judith Askew, poet – reading from On the Loose

       David R. Surette, poet – reading from Stable

May 21

       Leslie Koresky – author of Audrey's Garden on friendship                            and “mean girl” behavior                                

June 25

       Arlene Kay – author of Boston Uncommon Mysteries

July 30

       Sally Cabot Gunning - Monticello: a daughter & her                      father

September 24

       Robert Finch – The Outer Beach: a thousand mile walk                                on Cape Cod's Atlantic Shore

October 22

       Donald Nelson – Chappaquiddick: pulling the cloak off                                  the cover-up

November 12

       David Powers - Damnable Heresy: William Pynchon, the                              Indians, and the First Book Banned (and Burned) in                                      Boston