What is the Community Preservation Act (CPA)?

Community Preservation Act (CPA) legislation was designed to help Massachusetts towns and cities plan ahead for sustainable growth and provide funds to achieve their community preservation goals. The CPA (MGL. c. 44B) was enacted by state legislators in 2000 allowing any Town in the Commonwealth to adopt a property tax surcharge of up to 3%, the revenues from which and any matching state funds could be directed to community housing, historic resources, open space, and recreational projects.

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1. What is the Community Preservation Act (CPA)?
2. When did Yarmouth adopt the CPA?
3. What is the Community Preservation Committee?
4. How may I obtain a CPA application?
5. Who decides how to spend the revenue?
6. When are applications due for the FY20 grant round?
7. Are restrictions placed on properties which receive Community Preservation funds?
8. What constitutes "community housing"?
9. What constitutes "historic resources"?
10. What constitutes "open space"?
11. What constitutes "recreational land"?