Why is this project beneficial for all of Yarmouth?

The project’s purpose is to reduce nitrogen loading to rivers, bays, and harbors through the discontinued use of on-site septic systems in portions of Yarmouth. The treatment of the associated wastewater with enhanced nitrogen removal would remove a potential threat to drinking water quality, protect sensitive resource areas, shellfish and indigenous plant species decimated by accelerated growth of nuisance plants and algae, while simultaneously promoting revitalization of the Route 28 corridor and Yarmouth’s overall economy. 

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1. When is Town Meeting and where will it be held?
2. What are voters being asked to approve in connection with wastewater?
3. Why is this project beneficial for all of Yarmouth?
4. Is the sewer project being financed via property taxes like the 2011 proposal?
5. What is the cost of doing nothing?
6. Once approved, when does work commence and when will Phase One be completed?
7. What does approving this project do in relation to the new DEP septic regulations I’ve heard about?
8. What section of Yarmouth is in Phase One?
9. How much is this going to cost me?
10. What is a betterment fee and how does it impact my property?
11. What phase of the wastewater project is my property located?
12. What do I do with my septic system after I connect?
13. Will I be allowed an extra bedroom/additional flow if I connect to the sewer?
14. When will I be able to connect?
15. Are there programs to help property owners pay for this?
16. Will all of Yarmouth be connected to the sewer?
17. What happens if my septic fails and needs to be replaced before my property is in “its phase” or if I sell my property and it fails to pass Title 5 and I’m in a later phase?
18. I had heard we were working with Dennis and Harwich on a regional approach. Is that still the case?