I am selling my house. What is required?
According to the regulations of Title V, all septic systems must be inspected and certified prior to the sale of any property. Homeowners are required to hire a Massachusetts State Certified Inspector who is certified by the DEP to inspect and determine if your septic system meets the minimum standards. Most septic installers and engineers are certified to perform inspections. The septic inspector completes an inspection report with the details of the inspection. This report is provided to the homeowner and the Health Department who reviews the report and issues notices of correction, if warranted. In the event that a new septic system has been installed at the property within two years of the date of sale, an inspection would not be required, however, proof of the septic installation in the form of a Certificate of Compliance issued by the Health Department would be needed. There are certain exemptions from the inspection requirements, if the property is being transferred between family members i.e. between current spouses, between parents and their children, between full siblings, or between the grantor of a revocable or irrevocable trust where at least on of the beneficiaries is of a first degree relationship to the grantor. Please call the Health Department to determine if you qualify for an exemption.

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