Sticker Purchases Online

The Town of Yarmouth is now providing residents the ability to renew beach & disposal stickers online.

Residents can now renew their previous year's beach and disposal stickers online by using their credit cards. The process is easy. Simply register at the site below and then search by your name and address. Your information from last year should appear. If all of the information is the same and you would like to renew, just click the renew button and follow the prompts. Your fee will be charged to your credit card and the stickers will be mailed to you. Saving you time!

*Please note, the receipt you receive as part of the online transaction cannot be used to gain access to the disposal area or beach parking lots. You must wait to receive your stickers in the mail before accessing the facilities.

Note: The login shown below is a page on a secure third party transaction site that has been embedded on this page for your convenience. This is mentioned because you may not see a security lock in the address bar of your browser. If you would like to see the security lock you can CLICK HERE for a direct link to the online transaction site.

IMPORTANT: If you are having issues logging in or navigating the sticker renewal site, it may be that your COOKIES ARE DISABLED. In order to use all of the functionality of the site, cookies must be enabled in your web browser. For instructions on enabling your web browser cookies, CLICK HERE