EFT Payments Now Free!

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments for Taxes & Water Bills made on the Town’s Website are now Free!

The many benefits to you of paying online through the Town’s website include:
  • E-mail reminders indicating a bill is due soon if a bill is previously paid on the website
  • Reduced chances of getting interest and late payment penalties with checks that are mailed – including those mailed using a customer’s bank website
  • History of your payments are online
  • Receive your bills today and schedule a payment just before the due date – no more constantly going through your bills to see when they should be paid and mailed
  • And now EFT payments are Free
Click Here To Pay Online Now!

Coming Soon:
  • Online display of bills that look the same as the paper bills
  • The ability to eliminate receiving paper bills in the mail if you desire
Citizens can help the Collector’s department to do business at the lowest cost possible by providing payments based on the option with the lowest processing cost.

The list is in order of LOWEST to highest cost to process Tax and Water bill payments:

  1. Online Payment - Town Website (no lockbox fees and now free EFT transactions for the customers – Taxes now – Water to be free soon)
  2. Mail Payments – processed by a highly automated low cost Lockbox (payment processing) company
  3. Online Bill Payments using the Taxpayer’s Bank or Payment Company – the 3rd best option only if the payment includes the correct Parcel ID, Vehicle Plate, Boat Registration or current Bill Number.
Without the correct information updated for each bill, paying using and online payment service other than the Town’s website is the most costly option due to research needed to match the payment to the customer.

Often this information is incorrect! Since the customer is already using the internet and the town now offers free EFT, customers should transition to the Town website for payments to help the town control costs. Customer benefits include e-mail reminders, payment history information, etc.

4. Bring Payments to the Counter at Town Hall