Disposal Area

  1. Use of Facility/Stickers
  2. Hours/Holidays
  3. Yarmouth Bag Ban
  4. Recycle Smart (DEP)
  5. Newspaper Vs. Mixed Paper
  6. Household Hazardous Waste
  7. Commingle Recycling Answers
  8. Beyond the Bin
  9. Library Recycling Talks


The residential drop-off area, commercial drop-off area, and composting area serve all Yarmouth residents.

A sticker is required to use the residential drop-off area.

Recycling, including the compost area, is free to all Yarmouth residents, bringing materials themselves.

Resident and non-resident stickers may be purchased in the following way:

All vehicles wishing to drop off items that are not allowed in Household waste must pay a fee for items disposed of, either by weight or per item at the Scale House.

  1. Paint Recycling
  2. Mattress Recycling

Paint Take-Back Days are done for the summer!

Our New Date for Hazardous Waste Collection is:

 October 6,2018 

Yarmouth Senior Center 

 528 Forest  Rd., West Yarmouth

Can't make that date visit:


There you will find the downloadable form to bring  to the next Hazardous Waste  Collection site.