Boardwalk Plank Program




  The Boardwalk plank program is the perfect opportunity to celebrate a special occasion, commemorate a family vacation, or honor a person or pet in your life with an engraved message or tribute. Your plank will be engraved with up to 24 characters, including spaces or icon (listed below), and will be placed on the Gray’s Beach Boardwalk for all to see. Its the perfect way to make a memory at one of Yarmouth’s most beautiful beaches.

 Boardwalk planks make great gifts!


     Click Here To Download A Mail In Application


Click here, to register for a boardwalk plank online! Simply go to the tab that says "register" click Support/Fundraiser/Merchandise , then click boardwalk planks, and soon your very own plank will be a part of the beautiful Gray’s beach!  


The Town of Yarmouth has adopted the following policy concerning the replacement of engraved Boardwalk planks: 

  • All engraved Boardwalk planks installed on Town Property shall be covered by this policy. 
  • The Town will evaluate boards after five years of display. If determined by the Town that the board needs to be replaced, the Town will notify the corresponding donor the need for replacement. 
  • The Town is not financially responsible for replacement of engraved planks. 
  • The donor will be given the opportunity to renew their particular plank at the price set at the time of replacement. 
  • If the donor wishes not to renew, the space will then be forfeited and made available to the next applicant. 
  • The planks may be removed at any time for maintenance and/or repair at the donor’s expense.