Cyclical Inspections

Beginning in April of 2016, the Yarmouth Assessing division will be instituting a state-mandated nine-year cyclical inspection program for the purposes of verifying the quality and accuracy of the town's property data. Accurate property data is essential to ensuring that all property values in Yarmouth are as fair and equitable as can be. To that effect, Yarmouth residents and visitors will see Assessing office personnel out in their neighborhoods knocking on doors and measuring homes and buildings.

Please click the links to below to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cyclical inspections. You should also feel free to contact the Assessing office at (508) 398-2231 x 1220 or email us at with any additional questions or feedback.

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Why do the Assessors need to come to my home?

How were these visits done in prior years?

Why the need for this change?

How will the Assessors do this?

What does one of these inspections entail?