Monthly Activities

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We invite you to join any of our many educational and recreational programs; we offer a variety of services
to provide assistance to older adults in their homes and at the Senior Center.
Please call our Center at 508-394-7606, X 1330 and speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff for further information about any of the services described in our monthly publication.

We need your help…
As a program participant you know that many of our activities and programs are booked back-to-back. We need your help in insuring that the meeting rooms are kept clean and organized. We also ask you to be respectful of other groups and people. If you do arrive early, you may not be able to access your meeting space, so please plan on waiting in the library/lobby space. After your group/activity, please pick up and throw away your trash and put tables and chairs back to where you found them. If you spill something, let us know so it can be cleaned ASAP. We appreciate your support in keeping your meeting space neat.

Tax Work-Off Program FY’18 (July 1, 2017—June 30, 2018)
Senior Tax Work-Off Program Applications will be available June 1, 2017, at the Yarmouth Senior Center. If you are 60+, are physically able to meet job requirements of one of our departments, and you own a home in Yarmouth, you may qualify. Participants will earn a $500 abatement on real estate taxes for 50 hours of work to be completed in FY18.
Your application requires: copy of 2016 federal and state income tax returns and CORI check. Those with demonstrated financial need will be given priority. Applications will be available at the Yarmouth Senior Center. Applications will be accepted by Dianne Kane, ext. 1334 through July 2017, with work assignments to be developed according to departmental needs.

Yarmouth Energy Committee

Sign up at the Yarmouth Senior Center now!!!!!

Image result for happy birthdayFor those folks who have had a birthday this month,
 Thirwood Place wishes you a very “Happy Birthday!” Enjoy the beautiful floral bouquet in our library which is delivered monthly to celebrate your birthday all month, compliments of Thirwood Place!!

RSVP Senior Environment Corps Volunteers conducting Home Radon Test RSVP Senior Environment Corps (SEC) Volunteers will be conducting home radon testing for any homeowner on Cape Cod and the Islands. Volunteers have been trained by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and will conduct your radon test in a way designed to provide the most accurate results. The cost of the test, including postage and a confidential lab report, is $30.00. Radon testing is available now until March 30, 2018. Testing must be done during cold weather when homes are closed up and air is not changing rapidly through open windows and doors. Radon is a naturally occurring odorless gas that seeps into homes from the surrounding soil. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General recommend that homeowners test for the presence of radon in their homes. Homeowners may register for a radon test by calling Elder Services at 508-394-4630, Ext. 524. RSVP Senior Environment Corps is a program of Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands (ESCCI)

Friday Book Club — “Winter Theme” “Interspirituality” Fridays, from12:00 PM-1:00 PM January—The Coming Interspiritual Age by Kurt Johnson & David Ord February— The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World’s Religions by Wayne Teasdale March—Occupy Spirituality by Adam Bucko and Mathew Fox April—The New Monasticism: An Interspiritual Manifesto for Contemplative Living by Adam Bucko and Rory McEntee Books are ordered through the library or purchased by readers, RSVP suggested for book orders. Group meets weekly at the Yarmouth Senior Center in the conference room from 12:00 PM—1:00 PM. This thought is built upon these definitions found at Pilgrim’s Crossing in Chatham. Interspirituality believes that beyond religion, race, gender, or any of the various ways we’re taught to believe we are different, WE ARE ALL ONE, Interspirituality finds common ground between wisdom traditions, world religions and ancient spiritual paths, believing that they all complement each other. Interspirituality finds spirit in different traditions and cultures, and honors all their unique approaches to God. Interspirituality reconciles action and contemplation, contemplation and creativity, and creativity and social justice. Interspirituality is democratic. It includes communities of elders and spiritual friends as opposed to traditional hierarchical structures of teachers, students, followers, or dogma. It is about taking off masks of pretense and cultivating genuine heart connections that inspire growth across many ages, It requires intergenerational wisdom sharing and journeying. Interspirituality is about community, and it’s about how the healing of individuals and communities can ripple out to slowly transform and heal our world. Interspirituality is about deepening the experience of life. By acknowledging the sacredness of our own experience, we can use practices and other tools to deepen and sustain that experience. Interspirituality includes psychology and integration of the body for healing and transformation. Interspirituality is about action that comes from one’s deepest calling by discovering your unique gifts and offering them as an active prayer in service of compassion and justice. Interspirituality includes joy, Sensuality, celebration and heartfelt aliveness. It celebrates life through meaningful connections, art, music, and all things that are essentially help grow the soul. Interspirituality includes ushers in the divine feminine to balance the Sacred masculine. Interspirituality believes that life trumps religion. Interspirituality demands a fuller engagement with the world; therefore, it’s about true social, economic and ecologic justice. Want to Learn More about Interspirituality? Call 508-394-7606, X 1330 to let us know you’ll be joining us.

TAX-AIDE IS ALMOST HERE!! Tax-Aide, co-sponsored by the IRS and AARP, is the nation's largest income tax preparation service available free to taxpayers with low and moderate income, with special attention paid to those 60 and older, beginning the first week in February. Appointments are Wednesday and Thursday beginning on February 7th– April 12, 2018. Call your Senior Center at 508-394-7606, X 1330 to schedule an appointment with one of our trained and certified volunteers. Scheduling begins Monday, January 22, 2018.

Parkinson’s Support Group Thursday, January 25, 2018 Thursday, February 22, 2018 2:00 PM -3:30 PM The Yarmouth Senior Center is starting a Parkinson’s Support Group this winter. Parkinson’s is a progressive, neurological condition which affects approximately one million people in the US each year. Support groups,sponsored by the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, senior centers and the VNA of Cape Cod, ease the burden of the disease by providing education and information, emotional support, camaraderie and socialization for those affected and their loved ones. Group facilitator Ellen Weinlich, LISW has been facilitating a group in Buzzards Bay at the senior center for 9 years and has found it to be truly heart-warming to see how the attendees have grown into a group of friends who have found a way to continue enjoying life and encourage each other along the way. Attendees are encouraged to bring spouses, a family member or a caregiver. Please call 508-394-7606, X 1330.

Parking Lot Safety - Please drive slowly, watch for pedestrians, and take appropriate precautions when negotiating a parking space. Pedestrians always have the right of way.
Storm Policy - When D/Y Schools are closed for the day, all Senior Center activities are canceled, but the staff will be in the building.