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Thanks to Chef Rich Conti for another successful cook-out season on the patio...mmm, can’t wait until next year! We had a bunch of fun, socializing, eating delicious menu selections, casual conversation with a few laughs and after lunch some of us lingered awhile to tend our community garden space, play bocce, scopa, duplicate bridge, contract bridge, poker, or just make ourselves comfy in the library!

Bird Carving Class celebrates a very special tribute to the late Dennis Pellegrini upon presenting his wife, Nancy Pellegrini with a dedication plaque in memory of the talented artisan instructor. Pizza was enjoyed by all with a smile as they were pleased they all still had their fingers during a challenging learning curve with carving tools! :-)


Thank you to Steve Kessler for hand carving a Yarmouth Senior Center sign where all who visit us will view it daily at the entranceway to our administrative office. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

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Emergency Preparedness3

Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness2

This edition of our newsletter is in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Yarmouth Senior Center. We invite the whole community to join us and share ideas about building the Best Intergenerational Community in the United States. Some people may have old ideas about a “Senior Center” and the name of the building is about the only OLD thing happening here these days. We enjoy positive and purposeful aging until our last breath throughout Yarmouth, and we do it together with all ages and spaces in our community. Life presents us with lots of numbers: income, class rank, heart rate, lottery, anniversaries, etc…. Don’t let your AGE be anything more than one more number to CELEBRATE!!!

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Yarmouth Agricultural Commission Seeking New Members
The Yarmouth Agricultural Commission is looking for interested Yarmouth residents who would like to explore the possibility of becoming a commission member. We currently have 3 positions open and meet as needed.
Purpose: The Agricultural Commission's focus is to help maintain agricultural resources in the Town of Yarmouth and create sustainable agricultural development. In addition, the committee works toward the preservation and improvement of private and public agricultural land and resources.
Specific Charges: Serve in an advisory role to the Board of Selectmen, the Board of Health and other committees as needed on issues related to agriculture, overseeing the seasonal Farmers’ Market, developing and overseeing Yarmouth's Community Gardens.
For more information contact : Nancy Cavanaugh - Chairman

Look for a copy of “Your conversation Starter Kit” at the Yarmouth Senior Center or follow this link to connect yourself or loved ones online:

health careThe Health - Care - For - All Helpline 
A free resource for Massachusetts residents can be reached at 1-800-272-4232. Helpline counselors are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM –5:00 PM. 

lockboxLock Box Program 
To help avoid damage to property while entering to provide emergency services, we offer a town-wide lockbox program. This program is available to private residences and businesses. The lockbox is a small metal "safe" that is attached conspicuously outside of a building to which only the fire department has keys. Inside this box is a set of keys to the building itself which will allow the fire department access in the event of an emergency. The Yarmouth Police departments’ Road Race has given a scholarship to help provide low income seniors with Lock Boxes. The Yarmouth Fire Department also has a limited amount of boxes to give out. If you think you may be eligible please contact the outreach department at the Yarmouth Division of Senior Services at 508-394-7606, X1335. There will be a first come, first serve limited quantity awarded based on income eligibility. 


Image result for utility poles streetlightsUtility Wires, Poles and Streetlights
Helpful Information for Residents Concerns with tree branches in wires should be reported directly to Eversource at 800-592- 2000. The location, pole number (and pictures) are very important when contacting Eversource.

A new service linking elders, caregivers & individuals w/ disabilities to services they need. Call 1-844-422-6277

scam protectionSCAM PROTECTION
 Never give your credit card, banking, Social Security, Medicare, or other personal information over the phone unless you initiated the call. Be skeptical of all unsolicited offers and thoroughly do your research. If you think you’ve been scammed, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to talk about it; waiting could make it worse. Call 508-394-7606, X1335 for more info.
Random Act of Kindness Initiative
Calling all Citizens….
The Town of Yarmouth has embraced the Random Acts of Kindness Initiative, a program created to demonstrate that regardless of how big the problems of the world may seem each person can make a difference simply by taking the time to show love, appreciation, and kindness to the people around them. In this way, the practice of helping one another can spread through our Yarmouth community, creating a social movement of extended kindness with an impact of making the world a better place.Join in the spirit of giving, doing good deeds for others, and asking nothing in return. The recipient is encouraged to “Pay It Forward.” The ripple effect is visible, motivating, energizing and will be amazing. By paying a good deed forward people
will learn that they make a positive difference to other people’s lives. When you have received a “Pay It Forward” card it means that someone has completed a good deed for you and they wish for nothing in return. All they want is that you pass on this card, along with a good deed to someone else in need. It can be as big or small a deed as you would like to make it. You can “Pay It Forward” anytime you like. If you decide not to “Pay It Forward” then no one will know but you. We thank you in advance for tapping into the kind heart within you and we hope your day has been made that little bit brighter by someone’s heartfelt gesture. This will begin your personal journey of Random Acts of Kindness with your contribution in making Yarmouth a better place
in this world. Exceptional leadership within our Community and the dynamic citizens of Yarmouth make this all possible. Let us continue to lead by example, in Yarmouth, Cape Cod and beyond.