Information: Where is it? What is it? What does it mean? How can I share it with others? These are the fundamental concerns of geographic information systems (GIS). The GIS practitioner uses geography, maps, data, analysis, and the internet to make information readily available and understandable to enquiring minds. Everyone, from the casual observer to the professional decision-maker, needs good information to function effectively in the world. Got a question? GIS can probably help you to answer it correctly.

Yarmouth took its first steps to acquire a GIS in 1988, which made it one of the earliest users of the technology in this region. Town engineer Rick deMello and administrator Bob Lawton were quick to see the value of GIS for municipal government. Their investment in it, supported by other town workers, developed a resource which has been used by the town engineer, assessor, planner, many other town divisions, government agencies, and the public. We hope that you find this web offering useful. Its applications and scope will be developed over time. Tell us what you think and we will use your input to improve the site. Thank you.

Interactive Map: Zoom in or search for an address. Hover over icons to see tooltips . . . manipulate layers, select a basemap, measure, view details, share your map, print to paper, save a graphic file to your device. Click on features to query the following layers: parcel, road centerline, villages, zoning district, flood zone, Zone II.  Explore and don't be afraid to try things.  You can't break the map!

Yarmouth Maps Online  Go to this page to access links to thematic maps and data.

Yarmouth GIS Layers  Download Yarmouth's layers as shapefiles, free of charge, from this page.

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