Dogs of Yarmouth

Yarmouth is introducing an online licensing system for renewing or taking out new dog licenses. Please click to order your dog license(s) online.  ​The online dog license ordering capability is part of the one stop shop for many municipal related transactions that are conducted with the Town.

​​​Dog license online ordering how to videos.​

Do Your "Doody" for Clean Water Flyer

Yarmouth is one of the country's most livable communities, not just for people, but for dogs as well. Explore the data below to learn more about Yarmouth's canine residents.​

Yarmouth Dog Names 

Bella, Max and Molly are the most popular dog names in Yarmouth.


Yarmouth Dog Breeds 

Labrador Retriever is by far the most popular breed followed by Golden Retriever and German Shepard. 

Dogs by Zip 2018-04-08

Dogs per Home

* Four (4) or more dogs require a multi-pet permit at the cost of $60 over the amount of the individual pet licenses. A household in Yarmouth can only have six (6) dogs maximum.

​Dogs Per Home​
Number of
Single Dog Homes
2 Dog Homes 261
3 Dog Homes   49
4 Dog Homes *     7
5 Dog Homes *     3

Dogs by Approximate Age

Ages are approximate and rounded up to a whole number. The information is as of 4/16/2018.
Age of
​the Dog
​of Dogs
1 218
2 107
3 104
4 118
5 123
6 111
7 148
8 143
9 134
10 148
11 110
12   83
13   56
14   26
15   20
16     8
17     8
18     2

Dog Genders

​of Dogs​
Female 810
Male 861

Spayed/Neutered vs Intact

Spayed /
​of Dogs
Yes 1,487
No    184

State law requires that all dogs over 6 months have a current dog license.  The dog licenses in the Town of Yarmouth expire June 30th of each year.

Soon you will be able to license a new dog or renew a previously licensed dog online, via mail or as usual at Town Hall.  You may also call in for a renewal if a new rabies certificate is not needed. 

With the new system, protect your dog, using the online system you can add a photograph of your dog so that if your dog is lost it will be easier to return your dog to you.  The breed, color and photograph will help identify a lost dog if the tag is not on the dog's collar.