Capital Budget Committee

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The Capital Budget Committee is charged with reviewing all requests for capital items and making recommendations to the Finance Committee, Board of Selectmen, and Town Meeting. A capital item is an item that typically has a minimum value of $10,000 or a useful life of at least five years. Examples of capital items include: buildings, vehicles, information technology equipment and community infrastructure like water supply, wastewater collection, roadways, and parks.

The Committee's recommendations take the form of a five year capital improvement plan and a ten year facility plan, which serve as the town's overarching planning documents. Each year, these items are budgeted for and are presented to Town Meeting as the Capital Budget. The capital budget is separate from the Town's operating budget, which funds recurring expenses like salaries, employee benefits, and other expenses including normal end-of-life replacement vehicles/parts, equipment leases, roadway repaving and building repairs/maintenance (e.g. HVAC/roofing).

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Appointed by: Finance Committee
Members: Seven members composed of the following: one from the Finance Committee appointed annually;
 one from the Planning Board appointed annually; five at large with staggered five year terms.
Term: Five years.
Meeting Schedule: Bi-weekly mid September through Mid December on Monday at 5 p.m., and as needed prior to Town Meeting.
Legal Basis: Town Code Chapter 16  (

Current Budget Plans and Documents

Past Budget Plans and Documents

  1. Judy Tarver

    Chair (2025)

  1. Sandy Fife

    Vice Chair (2027)

  1. Andrew Laird


  1. George Perkins

    FinCom Representative

  1. Lindsay Pietro


  1. Ken Smith

    Planning Board Representative

  1. Curt Sears