Division officers conduct routine patrols during the Fall and Winter to check sportsmen who are engaged in hunting for:
  • Small game
  • Deer
  • Waterfowl

Checks are done to ensure compliance with state and local hunting and firearms regulations. These checks consist of inspection of:
  • Hunting or sporting licenses
  • Stamps
  • Bag limits
  • Tags

Firearms, Ammunition, & Regulations

Officers also ensure that the hunters possess a legal firearm and proper ammunition for the season and area that they are hunting in, as well as ensuring that the individual holds the proper firearm license.

Due to the increased popularity of muzzleloader firearms, the division has seen more hunters during muzzleloader season than ever.

For Hunting Regulations please see:

The Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Regulations


Over the years many areas have become developed, minimizing the areas suitable and legal for hunting. With that being stated, there are areas across town that are legal for hunting.