Yarmouth Visioning Project

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The Yarmouth Planning Board is undertaking a year-long Town wide Visioning process to discover what we want Yarmouth to be in the future.

ØWhat do you like about Yarmouth and want to preserve or enhance?

ØWhat is missing from our Town or impacting our ability to be our best?

ØWhat untapped opportunities are out there to strengthen our community?

Your participation will identify high level concepts and overall community values and viewpoints, and will serve as an important guide to the development of goals and objectives for our community Vision.

Your voice will also serve as an important guide to the development of action items and implementation steps for updating our Local Comprehensive Plan, which serves as the Town’s long-term master plan.  It will also help the Board of Selectmen in establishing their goals, initiatives and resource allocations that are consistent with our community values and best serve our residents.

We can’t do this without your help.  Your feedback is critical to making this Visioning project a success.  To maximize community engagement, the Planning Board will be hosting a series of Workshops and Surveys to provide many opportunities and different ways for the public to provide their input.  The first series of community workshops and first survey will be coming out in June 2020.  Stay tuned to the Town Website for more information once these Workshop dates/locations are established and the Survey is launched.  You can also stay connected by signing up for our “Constant Contact” which will send out direct e-mails to you noting the latest information. 

Also keep your eye out around Town as the Planning Board has developed a robust public participation/engagement plan they will be implementing over the next few months including use of social media, newspaper articles, flyers, and more.  We are looking forward to hearing your views.

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Visioning Process Outline

Visioning Process Outline

Public Participation/Engagement Plan

Public Participation and Engagement Plan

Visioning Implementaton Schedule

Visioning Implementation Schedule