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Updated: April 30, 2021

The Planning Board is continuing to digest and condense the significant amount of public comment collected for the Yarmouth Community Visioning Project.  We received 470 responses offering valuable feedback on Yarmouth’s strengths, challenges and vision for our future.

The Town’s consultant, Horsley Witten, summarized the comments and identified the main topics or themes that were raised.  They compiled a comprehensive list of all the Public Comments, prepared a Visioning Summary Memo, and made a Summary Presentation before the Planning Board at their March 17, 2021 meeting.   

Since then, the Planning Board has been discussing ways to consolidate and simplify the information into a user friendly document for the public.  The Board is working on drafts of the Vision Statement, Goals and second Survey which they will be discussing at their upcoming Planning Board Meetings.  Once finalized, these draft concepts will be vetted by the public through a second round of virtual Workshops and a Survey anticipated for June 2021. 

Stay tuned to this webpage and sign up for regular updates via e-mail to have access to the latest information on this important community project, including details on registering for future Workshops and taking the second Survey.  We encourage everyone to stay involved with the Visioning process as public participation is crucial to making this project a success.  

If you are interested in background information on the visioning project to date, please take the opportunity to look at the links below which include information on the overall Visioning Process, the Kick-Off Meeting, Workshop Presentation, Implementation Schedule and Public Participation Plan.  We would also direct you to the Data Summary Sheets compiled on a variety of topics including Community Services, Local Economy, Housing, Community Design, Open Space, Climate Resiliency, Infrastructure and Water Resources.  These summaries provide general topic related data and notable trends; identify existing programs and projects; and outline projects and initiatives the Town is currently working on. 

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Visioning Process Outline

Visioning Process Outline

Public Participation Schedule

Public Participation Schedule