Age-Friendly Community Team

DSCF0680MUN-001EMK Institute Model UN 2017The Age-Friendly Team advises the Town Administrator and the Board of Selectmen on matters pertaining to the Age-Friendly Community Framework in keeping with membership in the World Health Organization Network.  They create useful data driven reports and develop plans that increase education, engagement and action that continuously improve upon an Age-Friendly Yarmouth with an inter-generational lens and Ageism awareness.


  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  • Social Participation
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Respect and Social Inclusion
  • Communication and Information
  • Civic Participation and Employment
  • Community Support and Health

Age-Friendly Team Consists of:

  • Gerry Bedard, Chairperson
  • Dotty Guenther, Secretary
  • Jan Hively, Global Affairs Consultant
  • Drew Krauss
  • Sharon Ladley
  • Kathy McPhee
  • Chris Morin
  • Yvette Robida

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