Summary Data Sheets

In preparation for the Visioning process, summaries have been compiled on a variety of topics about our community to provide a better understanding of basic data and notable trends; make the public aware of existing programs, projects and initiatives; and let them know what the Town has in the works.  At the end of each Data Sheet is a list of tickler ideas of things to think about in preparation for attending a Workshop or completing the Survey, such as:

  • What are our strengths and what are we doing successfully? 
  • What are our challenges or issues holding us back?
  • Are there untapped opportunities to make Yarmouth better?
  • How do these topics impact your vision for Yarmouth’s future?

As we embark on the Visioning process, we are looking towards the future we want for Yarmouth.  Hopefully COVID-19 will soon be a thing of the past, but we can retain the lessons learned from this difficult time.  When participating in the Visioning process, also think about how changes related to COVID-19 may have strengthened our community, how it may have identified weaknesses we should address, and ways this challenge provided us with opportunities to adapt and do things better.

Data Sheets: