Yankee Village Property Restoration (275 Route 28)

July 2022 Update

Project Background - The Yankee Village Motel on Route 28, was the oldest motel in Yarmouth when it was purchased by the Town in 2019.  After many years in business, long-time owner John Barker decided it was time to retire. With the property being located between two town-owned parks (Chase Brook Park and Mill Creek Park), this provided an ideal opportunity to purchase the property and create a unique continuous waterfront park that is highly accessible to the public and showcases Yarmouth’s natural beauty.


The property was purchased using Community Preservation Act funds and grant funds from the state Division of ConScreenshot 2022-01-03 132316servation Services’ Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities (PARC) Program.  Demolition of the motel removed almost an acre of concrete hardscape and buildings, and eliminated associated stormwater and septic system discharges to Mill Creek, bringing significant water quality benefits to Mill Creek.  Restoration plans are underway. 

Restoration goals - The overall goal of the project is to create a single continuous waterfront park that restores the important natural ecology of the area and provides a beautiful space for residents and visitors to enjoy.  Initial plans sought to restore only the Yankee Village property, with connections to the two adjacent parks.  However, following discussions with the site designer and the Open Space Committee and identification of additional funding opportunities, it was proposed that restoration work be expanded to bring needed improvements across all three properties to address overgrown and invasive vegetation, and install new pathways across all three properties to improve connectivity and ADA accessibility.