Town Cemeteries

Woodside Cemetery West Yarmouth

  • Located on the corner of Route 28 and West Yarmouth Road
  • 3.124 acres
  • An effort to preserve and beautify this cemetery was started in the 1800s
  • Granite fence completed in July 1884
  • Earliest gravestone: 1753

Methodist Cemetery

  • Located on Willow Street, South Yarmouth
  • 0.811 acres
  • Earliest gravestone: 1830s

Pine Grove Cemetery

  • Located off Station Avenue, on Pine Grove Road, South Yarmouth
  • 4,697 acres
  • Established mid 1800s
  • Earliest gravestone: 1840s

Georgetown Cemetery

  • Located near the entrance to the Bass River Golf Course on High Bank Road, South Yarmouth
  • 0.607 acres
  • Crowells and Sears buried here
  • Earliest gravestone: 1820

Ancient Cemetery

  • Located on Ancient Way and Center Street, Yarmouth Port
  • 21.663 acres
  • Earliest gravestone: 1698

Chandler Gray Cemetery

  • Located at 161 Old Mill Way, West Yarmouth
  • 33.70 acres
  • Established in 1985
  • Newest active cemetery in Yarmouth
Currently the only Cemetery in Yarmouth with lots available for sale to Town of Yarmouth Residents

Baptist Cemetery

  • Old Main Steet and Wood Road, South Yarmouth
  • The Baptist Cemetery surrounds the Bass River Baptist church which was built in 1824