Doing Business in Yarmouth

Obtaining a Business Certificate

To obtain a business certificate, please see the Yarmouth
Town Clerk.

Site Plan Review

The Site Plan Review Process is required for most new businesses and for commercial properties that anticipate changes to the site, structure, and/or use of property.
Site Plan Review

Zoning Bylaw and Map

View the most recent Zoning Bylaw and Map.
Zoning Bylaw
Zoning Map 

Local Zoning Summary

The Town of Yarmouth has created overlay districts and a Growth Incentive Zone (GIZ) as alternatives to traditional zoning practices. The overlay districts and GIZ are designed to provide incentives for economic development by allowing types of development not available in the underlying zoning. 
Local Zoning Concept Summary

South Yarmouth Opportunity Zone

The recently passed U.S. Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 created the Opportunity Zone Program to provide incentives for investment in low income communities throughout the country. An Opportunity Zone is a designated geographic area, in which individuals can gain favorable tax treatment on their capital gains, by investing those (through a privately-created Opportunity Fund) into economic activities in the area. An Opportunity Zone has been designated in South Yarmouth which stretches from Parker's River to Bass River. 
South Yarmouth Opportunity Zone

State Incentive Programs

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers a variety of economic incentive programs designed to promote private investment across the state. 
State Incentive Programs

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