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Old Kings Highway Historic District Committee

Massachusetts Chapter 470 established the Old King’s Highway Historic District and its respective Committees. The purpose of this Act is to promote the general welfare of inhabitants in the applicable regional member towns so includes, through the promotion of the educational, cultural, economic, aesthetic, and literary significance through the preservation and protections of buildings, settings, and places within the boundaries of the regional district and through the development and maintenance of appropriate settings and the exterior appearance of such buildings and places, so as to preserve and maintain such regional district as a contemporary landmark compatible with the historic, cultural, literacy, and aesthetic tradition of Barnstable County, as it existed in the early days of Cape Cod, and through the promotion of its heritage. 

Property Owner Information

Properties north of Route 6 (Mid-Cape Highway) reside in the Old King’s Highway Historic District. Exterior changes, such as: signs, painting, new construction, solar, additions, alterations, and miscellaneous structures (e.g: detached garages, sheds, fences, stone walls etc.) need to be reviewed by the Committee before the work is started.

Application Information 

A Certificate of Appropriateness/Demolition require attendance at a public hearing. The Old King’s Highway Historic District Committee meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:15 pm at Yarmouth Town Hall in the Hearing Room.

2024 Meeting Schedule
Certificate of Appropriateness

Certificate of Demolition

Certificate of Exemption*

Solar Panel Certificate of Exemption*

*A Certificate of Exemption does not require a public hearing

For more information regarding the Old King’s Highway Historic District, please review the Bulletin.