Finance Department

**COVID-19 Town Closure Finance Procedure**

The Finance Department has created an online dashboard that contains guidance and options on how to submit tax and utility bill payments as well as how to order and pay for stickers, licenses, and more during the ongoing town hall closure. 

Please visit our Yarmouth Finance Online Dashboard to learn more about your options.

Office Responsibility 

The Department of Finance consists of the offices of Director of Finance, Accounting, Assessor, Clerk and Collector/Treasurer. The department is responsible for complying with a myriad of municipal finance laws and regulations as well as meeting the financial reporting requirements of the federal and state governments. These financial controls are essential in order to properly safeguard taxpayer dollars. Services provided, but not limited to financial status reports, cash management, debt management, investments, property valuation assessments, property tax and utility billing, collection activities, audit review, internal financial controls, payroll, elections, beach and disposal stickers, dog and shellfish licenses and a number of other licenses and activities.

Audited Financial Statements:

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Town of Yarmouth Department of Revenue Financial Information.

  1. Finance

    Physical Address
    Town Hall
    1146 Route 28
    South Yarmouth, MA 02664

    Phone: 508-398-2231 ext. 1281

  2. Accounting

    Phone: 508-398-2231 Ext. 1299

  3. Assessor

    Phone: 508-398-2231 Ext. 1222

  4. Collector/Treasurer

    Phone: 508-398-2231 Ext. 1233

  5. Town Clerk

    Phone: 508-398-2231 Ext. 1216