Dog Licenses

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Dog licenses will be available for purchase in early May for the following fiscal year. Every dog in Yarmouth is required to be licensed by June 30. A late fee of fifteen ($15.00) will be required for all dogs registered after June 30.

The cost of a license for a male or female dog is twenty ($20.00) dollars and a spayed or neutered dog is ten ($10.00) dollars. You will need to bring in the veterinarian’s certificate of the spaying or neutering along with the current rabies record.

If you have four or more dogs, you are required to have a multi pet permit which is an additional sixty ($60) dollars over and above the licensing of each dog. The maximum number of dogs per residence is six (6).

If your dog should lose his/her tag, a duplicate tag can be purchased for five ($5.00) dollars.

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Marriage License

According to Massachusetts law, the prospective couple must jointly file intentions to marry and may do so with the city or town clerk in any community in the state. There is a mandatory three (3) day waiting period before the license can be issued. Once obtained, the marriage license is valid for sixty (60) days from the date the intentions are filed and may be used in any Massachusetts city or town. The license is not valid outside the state of Massachusetts.

Shellfish License

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The Town of Yarmouth Recreational Shellfish Permit is sold at the Town Clerk’s Office and may be purchased earlier this year as a convenience to our Residents. Starting in January the Yarmouth Recreational Shellfish Permit will be available for purchase, although it will not be in effect until April 1st as the previous years shellfish permit does not expire until March 31.

Shellfish Permits for a Yarmouth Resident or taxpayer who is under the age of seventy-five (75) is thirty ($30.00) dollars, over the age of seventy-five (75) the cost is fifteen ($15.00). The cost of a Shellfish Permit for a Non-Resident is eighty ($80.00) dollars. You are allowed one Shellfish Permit per household. The shellfish permit is for his or her own family use.

The permit must be displayed on outer clothing. All persons shall display their catch on request of the shellfish officer.

A copy of the Yarmouth rules and regulations for shellfish, eel, herring and crab may be obtained at the Natural Resource Office.

Secondhand Dealer/Collector

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