Meeting Videos

Various Yarmouth Board and Committee meetings are available online to view either during the meeting by watchingYarmouth Town Seal Image on our LIVESTREAM option on YouTube or by viewing previously recorded meetings at any time on YouTube or Channel 8 LIVE.

During the current COVID-19 Crisis, Yarmouth will be holding all required meetings in accordance with state social distancing regulations and Board of Health advisories to ensure the safety of our members and adherence to current best practices.

Working together across multiple departments, we will be implementing new technology and providing different ways to access various meetings by members and the public. It is important to note that as we do our best to provide the most accessible means of viewing and encouraging participation as much as possible, there is not a perfect one-size-fits-all solution and citizens will need to determine their best option to view and or participate in these meetings. We also ask that you remain patient as we shift to new processes as well as encounter any unforeseen issues outside of our control.

  1. Ways to Watch
  2. How to Participate

Accessing Meetings Online

All Meeting Agendas Will Contain Online Meeting Viewing & Participation Details for EACH meeting, still image of socially distanced meeting in board room Opens in new windowcommittee or board.  It is important that you check the specific agenda for the meeting you would like to view or participate in and that you check all requirements and setup on your end for access. Click here to Visit Agenda Center.

**We have chosen easy to use technology but there will always be some action on your part to participate whether it is dialing in, joining an online Zoom meeting or viewing the correct meeting.

Please visit our Agenda Center for the latest Agenda & Meeting Participation Instructions. Click the Ways to Participate tab on this page to learn more about your options to participate. YouTube Logo Image Opens in new window

Additionally, You can watch meetings on Channel 8 LIVE or please visit, view and subscribe to our Town of Yarmouth YouTube Channel here or clicking the YouTube Image.