Phase II Stormwater Management Program

Under EPA's 1999 Phase II Stormwater Program, the Town of Yarmouth was required to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to outline its Stormwater Management Program and Best Management Practices for the Town's stormwater system.

Engineering prepared and submitted this NOI in 2003. The NOI serves as the basis for the Town’s five (5) year General Stormwater Permit. The EPA approved the NOI and issued the General Permit which is renewed every five years.

is also required under the permit to provide annual reports on its progress on implementing its stormwater management program, and the Engineering Division is responsible for overseeing the program and preparing the annual report.

To view EPA’s stormwater website, click here. To view Mass DEP’s stormwater website, click here. To view the Cape Cod Commission’s stormwater website, click here. These websites are invaluable resources for educational and institutional information.