Updated September 5, 2023

The OSRP Ad-Hoc Committee is pleased to announce the availability of the Draft Open Space & Recreation Plan (OSRP) which identifies ways to manage, protect and improve Yarmouth’s natural resources and open space, and provide opportunities for active and passive recreation for Yarmouth’s residents and visitors.

The Draft OSRP is out for public review which has been extended to September 20, 2023, and comments can be sent to Town Planner Kathy Williams at

The public is invited to a presentation to the Planning Board on the Draft Plan:

The Draft OSRP includes a wealth of information on our community, environmental resources and challenges, open space and natural lands, recreational facilities, and community needs and goals.  Using this information, a seven-year action plan was developed with specific tasks to be accomplished over time to meet our community’s open space and recreation goals.  

This Draft plan was developed using the great feedback we received from the February 8th Open House, over 350 responses to the winter survey and over 400 responses to the spring survey.  The OSRP Ad-Hoc Committee, along with Town Staff and our consultant Weston & Sampson Engineers would like to thank all who participated in this process to ensure the OSRP reflects the needs and wants of our community.  

Stay tuned to this webpage for ongoing information on the OSRP update. Or feel free to contact Town Planner Kathy Williams at with any questions or comments.

Additional Information:

Cover of the Yarmouth 2023 Open Space & Recreation Plan
Click on the image to open to 2023 Open Space and Recreation Plan