Licensing Department 


The Licensing Department is responsible for processing Liquor, Entertainment, Amusement, Class I/II, Bowling, Pool Table, Mobile Vendor, Christmas Tree, Secondhand Dealer, and Transient Vendor licenses.

Liquor Licenses:

If you are applying for a new license, transferring an existing license, or amending a current license, please go to Alcoholic Beverages Retail Licenses | and fill out the appropriate application. You must also collect the required documents from the ABCC checklist. Please also review the Town of Yarmouth checklists as they differ from the ABCC checklists. 

Hearing Schedule and Deadline to Apply:

The Yarmouth Board of Selectmen, acting as the Local Licensing Authority, meetings are held on Tuesdays at 6PM, in the hearing room at Town Hall.  Please see the schedule below to see when hearings are scheduled and when applications need to be filed by in order to have a scheduled time. 



April 10th

May 2nd  (FULL)

May 1st 

May 23rd (FULL) 

May 15th 

June 6th (FULL) 

June 5th 

June 27th 

June 19th  

July 11th 

June 26th 

July 18th 

July 10th 

August 1st 

July 24th 

August 15th 

August 21st 

September 12th 

August 28th 

September 19th 

September 11th 

October 3rd 

September 25th 

October 17th 

October 16th 

November 7th 

October 30th

November 21st 

November 13th

December 5th 

November 27th 

December 19th 

*Board of Selectmen meetings dates are subject to change. If changes are made, this schedule will be updated to reflect the changes.*